“ This is a program where are you receive and remount beliefs and feelings, thoughts and even lifestyle Native Roots is a lifestyle not a school it’s changed my life forever and I made friends for a lifetime.  I have been able to build myself up, which all I did before was put myself down there been able to see the worse than myself, including the divinity that exist within myself in all living things, and I’m now able to communicate with plants” -Maeg in person & Online Student

2023  “This whole program has been incredibly life and so many ways it’s definitely not easy class, but so worth it if you’re wanting to do the deep work to heal yourself and help heal the world. It opens your mind to different perspectives and ways of thinking and learning that our western world that does not give us you will get the tools to walk the medicine talk about horribly I have made amazing friends along way will be leaving with the Medicine family. Trust your intuition. It was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done but it was the best decision of my life.  I’ve really made a lot of progress at stepping into the power of my intuition and learning to test it more. I have a way better understanding of what medicine is and what walking the medicine path looks like.  I am really healing my relationship with myself. The Earth in the elements of began to heal RS believe pattern of take take take without giving back it’s not a new journey for me, but it’s one that I’ve been really able to go deep with, and understand what reciprocity means, and how to live life in that way before this program I didn’t know how deep that wound was as I have such amazing progress with my mental health. Yeah, still absent downs, but with the help of teachers, I feel even able to not only see but understand how to help him myself and my mental health.” Michaela In Person Student 2023

Online 6 month Class Testimonials:

I am just so grateful beyond words.Ive never really had love and support in my life about how we are relating to the world and ourselves and the empowerment in that and I have gained strength; that I didn’t have before to let go of and move on from situations that aren’t aligned with my highest purpose.And the doubt and the fear, shedding all of that and greeting the day too was such a big thing. And its so beautiful to see how the teachers intertwined lessons and build off each other and how my cup is fuller than its ever been.This has been a gift this is the best class in the whole world.I’ve felt so truly fulfilled in my spirit in a way I’ve never gotten anywhere before.

There were so many things I didn’t realize I could do on my own and I didn’t realize I needed to look for it internally.This class cracked me open like and egg and I saw all of us change throughout this course, having major insights and break throughs and gratitude and the potential we all have to heal, to hold space.They say the lesson comes when the students ready and I felt like the things I learned it was time for me to lean into them and I don’t know if I would have understood them beforehand, the more I move with gratitude and the more I learn to be humble and open hearted and watch the relationship unfold with spirit; its been amazing.I experienced a relighting of the fire.I only want to move forward in this path with these people, it lights me up and helps me know my purpose here on this planet.”

-Michelle Roide Online Student 2023

“We are all together here right now and we’ve been connecting on a levels beyond forms space nd time tuning into the light our plant friends moon, ocean, elemnets, together we’ve been becoming aware of our oneness and also our sameness and the …. Of divine nature.Our ancestors, take a moment to thank them and everything g that has guide us learning these medicines and creating new community we have great gratitude for all of these prayers and we have great hope for the future not be afraid to reach out and reach within.Thank you

As we say thank u we are also thanking our scars bc we’ve also created medicines

In this class we’ve been awakened from our slumber and now as we move forward its time to awaken others by demonstrating through action and through love.When you stand for what you believe in you allow others to do the same.

I read this quote recently:“Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure, your playing small does not serve the world” and that is the medicine that Native Roots has given us.” -Maeg Online student 2023

“I found the class to be a refreshing organized effort of ancient productive healing modalities and traditions brought into this modern time when the entire world needs a universal balm of rich loving warm healing and growth. The teachers collective wisdom, knowledge, humility and goodness are taught in a way that reflects what has kept ancient indigenous people going and can keep up going as well when we apply these ideals in our lives. I am in deep gratitude for their time and efforts and look forward to more classes. Umma Amina, RN

In the last six weeks, I have been asked to examine my relationship with the natural world, including myself, on a deeper and more spiritual level. I am learning how to live in harmony and respect with mother Earth, her plants and animals, not just use them for medicine.”


“The reflection and introspection in relation to understanding, strengthening, and deepening my relationship with plants has been a wonderful foundation and beginning to the exploration of herbal medicine. The teachings of tradition have also added integrity, authenticity, meaning, and connection to this course. I’m excited to join class each lesson and am always presently surprised and thankful for what I learn externally and internally. – Corinne

This 6 month course has already blown my expectations out of the water. I love having different teachers rooted in different disciplines to share their experiences and help us go deeper into our own selves. I did not expect to connect so deeply to the subject matter, the other students and myself, all at the same time. The synergy created has been truly magical.”

-Lindsay Oliver

All Class Testimonials

“This is the real deal. Morgaine uses her intuitive knowledge and learned organizational skills to bring to the forefront those who carry the history and deep knowledge yet lack the ability to enter into the mainstream. She is a woman on Las Fronteras who uses her privilege and deep respect to bring us all to a higher place. “ Gina Perez-Baron MD Taos, New Mexico

“Native Roots called to me from across the Country when I was longing for something more in my existence.  Answering the call forever altered the course of my reality as I sat with teachers, healers, and elders. The truths I gained from sitting in the presence of such deeply connected people, people that carried traditions and ways of being that both the Earth and our bodies remember, nourished me as my entire being remembered these indigenous ways – these ways humans have lived since the beginning of time. Each teacher is able to tune into the students and deliver what is needed, making each class feel sacred and fully customized. Most classes take place in Taos, New Mexico which feels integral to the entire experience. Many people have tried to put into words what it is that makes Taos so magical. It’s something I think about frequently, and ultimately surrender my thinking to the unknown, because it’s not something that is tangible or something that can be named. It’s more of a feeling — an energy. You’ll feel it when you’re in the mountains: almost as if the plants are speaking louder. It’s hard to say if this is true of if the remoteness of the area allows for clearer transmissions. Either way – there is an abundance of plant life in this area and the teachers of Native Roots give them a proper introduction to ensure you’ll remember them and can share their medicine with the generations to come. Taos is steeped in culture and Native Roots offers the unique opportunity to understand and appreciate its history and its people in an intimate way. Prior to finding Native Roots I was searching for truth and occasionally finding it in podcasts or from strangers on the internet— often feeling like an outsider to most of society. That hasn’t entirely gone away but I’ve gained the confidence to trust in my innate wisdom and in my remembering. My connection to myself and the Earth feels stronger. I am able to honor and share my intuitive gifts more freely. Native Roots was invaluable in forging that confidence.”  -Carissa Ervine

“Rita Navaretta teaches profoundly. Deeply clearing our core tramas. Replacing our twisted pain with fresh air, and healing sounds. Fulfilled with faith and courage to go forward.Antoinette Gonzales helps find the source of our intergeneration trauma and shares excellent herbal knowledge and clear understanding of the body. Their compassionate welcoming brings everyone into a safe community. Very pan cultural.” – Mouna, Owner of the Snow Mansion

“ Native Roots, has a superb roster of teachers for the classes and workshops offered to the Taos community. I have personally taken ten or so of these offerings and I can say that each one touched my heart and gave me useful time-honored tools and information gathered from the knowledge base of indigenous culture and folk wisdom. Not only has my world view grown but I feel a level of empowerment that has placed my health–physical, mental and spiritual- within my reach.” -Brigid Meier

“I couldnt wear my rings for 4 years because of the arthritis I have in my fingers.  After using the Native Roots pain salve I tried to put on my ring and it fit again after 3 months of using it every day.  I also wasn’t able to use a can opener and now I can use one. When I went to a class at the school I saw something that the old people used to do on the pueblo and now thats gone but it was good to see one of the teachers still doing it and know that it’s still in practice in some other people’s traditions.  Sometimes we dont realize that we should go to some of these things.  We put it off but then when we go we learn that it’s something to help you out in life in that sense and it gives you hope.  You hope that this will help you by learning something else.you learn something that it was there already but it’s still in practice you dont realize that its been brought up again to help.” Josephine Marcus great  Grandmother and elder at Taos Pueblo

“I chose to participate in NR classes because, having taken herbal medicine courses and received a certificate from very mainstream American/white teachers, something was missing.  That missing part was The Sacred.  And I sought out my own “Return to Sacred” through NR’s classes. Participating as a student has been a huge, deep in-breath of life and connection and community that I have found at NR.  These aren’t just “classes,” for me – they are tutorials in how to live life as a fully authentic human being. I am also grateful that NR provides free participation to indigenous/native people for the classes as this is how I believe it should be (NO financial barriers to participation so we all can sit together in circle as equals) and I have gained so much knowledge also from my fellow students, who truly do represent a full spectrum of diverse backgrounds and unique, individual insights into not only herbs, but also in a very real, wise and organic way of meeting all of life’s challenges with integrity and a spiritual focus, even under difficult circumstances. I do, indeed, plan my own schedule of time off from my own work in my own healing community to attend these classes – so full of relaxation, learning and renewal. Thank you so much for what you do to give us these classes/gifts, NR, and to the teachers willing to impart their wisdom to us.” -Amelia Free MSW, LMT

Testimonials for Private Sessions With Morgaine:

Just by chance I saw on the board entering the cafeteria that there was a speaker on Cancer and Herbs last Saturday. Her class was very informative and interesting.  She educated me (a novice) with plants and herbs.  She was able to provide the solutions to health issues through herb/plant remedies. I had an opportunity to have an Energy Healing session that lasted over 1 ½ hours.  I came out of it so much lighter and freer.  I have a slight case of Bells Palsy on the right side of my face.  After Morgaine’s session, I have regained movement!!!  An unexpected surprise, I was actually working on my cancer. -Nick Palaian

”I have been blessed to receive healing services from Morgaine Witriol. She has helped both me and my animal companions heal from illness.  When my cat was down with a kidney infection and barely able to move, Morgaine’s tinctures brought her back to life and eventually she recovered completely.  She also helped my dog, who suffers from cancer, with chronic pain.  I was cured from pnuemonia by using her lung tea, even after antibiotics would not work.  Her hands-on energy healing is also transformative. “ -Susan Baker, Lawyer Arroyo Seco, NM

“Morgaine is one of the most talented healers that I have had the honor of working with.  She has a unique skill set which allows her to address the body and its ailments from multiple directions.  I found her treatments to be powerful and lasting but most importantly she taught me skills to reclaim and maintain my own health.  The herbal tinctures, teas and flower essences assist in my continued healing and growth after a treatment.” – Robbie Preedy Mother of 4 and Native Roots Student

“I wanted to share my experience with Morgaine after meeting with her this past January during my stay at a wellness center.  I was recovering after have a stroke last December.  I was enlightened and I will be forever changed after the experience.  Morgaine was one of my favorite presenters and she opened my curiosity of exploring other forms of healing by working with plants and herbal healing methods.  After listening to the presentation and going on a tour to learn more about plants I wanted to order some tea to improve my health.  As I was preparing to leave a few days later Morgaine asked me if I wanted something to heal my tooth pain, but at the time I did not have a toothache.  I paused and then agreed since I realized she was most probably reading my energy.  The next night I had a terrible toothache and I know I was in good hands by having a natural remedy ready to place on my tooth.  If I didn’t have that I would have had to go get antibiotics for the infection from a dentist.  I was so glad that I had taken the time to meet with Morgaine.  Since February I introduced Morgaine to my family members and colleagues via phone and she is so calming and has been sharing her gifts with them as well.  -Kathleen Feerick

“I went for healing of my chemical sensitivities and received so much healing on that issue to the extent that I am no longer reacting to perfumes and other scents/chemicals.  Before I couldn’t go to restaurants or into public spaces without having to clear my throat constantly and feeling it was closing up due to certain scents and foods.  I feel like I have my life back as now I can go into spaces that were untenable previously.  We also shifted so many old patterns and brought my body and soul and relationships into alignment.  The healing achieved was so much more than I could have imagined.  Thank You Morgaine!” – Jen Feerick

“I loved Morgaine’s talks on healing herbs while I was at Hippocrates.  She is a wealth of knowledge and very well versed on healing plants for nearly every situation that we could think of.  While teaching us the ways we can use plants to strengthen and nourish our bodies, Morgaine’s passion and dedication to her craft shows through as she teaches from both her education and her own personal experiences.  Our trip to visit trees and plants around campus was a high point of my stay.  I learned to see and connect with trees in a thoughtful beautiful way which I had never before understood.” -Nicole Price

Morgaine is an authentic and beautiful person; you can tell she ‘practices what she preaches.’ She is very knowledgeable about plant medicine, in their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects, and their historical uses.  She shares the information in a way that it is easy to receive.  I especially enjoyed and benefited from her field trips, taking us around the bountiful Hippocrates grounds and teach us not only how to communicate with them. – Patricia Barrett

“Morgaine is a very passionate, sensitive, giving and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to healing and herbal remedies.  She is a joy to be around.” -Glenda Heffer

“Morgaine is wise beyond her years. Her knowledge and successes in so many areas is truly remarkable. When engaging with her, she stays true to herself while at the same time meeting you where you are. On the massage table she lets her intuition shine through to bring your body and mind back to equilibrium. I am honored to know her. She is a bright star in our amazing world.”-Sarah Tonso

Guatemala Trips

What was the most valuable thing that you learned on your trip? A Sense of community, prayer technique and connecting to plant spirits in a different and useful way.

“I just felt really safe…. I experienced many healing dreams, I feel like I was able to finally find a sense of independence even though it was hard. I received treatments from don Reginaldo and I have had a lot less constipation issues since. I am actually able to use the bathroom every single day, I don’t remember one time in my life where I was able to use the bathroom consecutively and have bowl movements every single day. I wish I could have gotten treatments longer though because I often feel it helped so much I want more. Here and there I feel constipated but its just improved so much. huge difference in my digestion. I also have a lot less lower back pain and fatigue.” Katlyn B

How was your overall experience on this trip? Amazing, Don Regi’s wisdom and knowledge is impressive. He is so humble for being such a great leader and has a wonderful sense of humor too. I also really enjoyed the dynamic of our group. What was the most valuable thing that you learned on your trip? Learning about Mayan massage. I had never been exposed to it before and I’ll never forgot the day a man from the village came in with a sprained ankle. Don Regi massaged him and the swelling had reduced significantly by the time he was done. —~Elizabeth Bain

Visiting Guatemala with Morgaine and Don Reginaldo was definitely one of the highlights of my life. The Bio-Itza Reserve provided a unique rustic setting to immerse ones self in the native culture. Surrounded by wonderful people, a rich culture, unique plants and animals each day was truly a gift. We learned to heal others while healing ourselves through medicine making and Mayan bodywork. Language lessons provided were enjoyable and learning was accelerated due to immersion. Peten was amazing…..the energy I felt at the Jaguar Temple was unlike anything I have ever felt in my life. Flores was a fun break and a great time to acquire treasures to bring home. My stay and Parrot Nest in Belize on each end of my journey was such a treat….I only wish I had booked a few more nights. I hope to return one day with my children. -Robbie Preedy

Private Group Classes, Special Occasions and Events

We had such a wonderful experience when booking Morgaine from Native Roots Healing for a private sound healing and mediation experience. She guided our group through a journey of deep relaxation and calmness. Her spirituality and energy was the perfect way to kick off our event. We are heading back to Taos in a few weeks and have already hired her again to be with our group. I would definitely recommend her! -Glenda Rossi, Experience Architect at Maverick Events

I contacted Native Roots seeking ideas and facilitation for a healing evening for five women, one of whom had suffered major relationship trauma and was embarking on an entirely new chapter of life. Morgaine worked with our group to tailor a two-hour program to our needs and desires, and we loved the result! We enjoyed an herbal/healing cocktail, a wonderful and relaxing Tibetan sound bath, and a centering flower essence balancing activity. Morgaine and her assistant were clearly experienced and passionate about their work, very easy to work with and a pleasure to be around, and we would recommend them to anyone seeking peace, reflection, and relaxation in beautiful Taos! -Hannah Bick

Morgaine Witriol

Morgaine is a lover of medicinal plants and nature. She is a medicine maker, a farmer, a wild crafter, and founder of Native Roots. Morgaine has a private practice doing bodywork, sound healing, and physical and emotional trauma release. 


She lived in Belize and had the opportunity to apprentice tropical medicine with one of the most revered medicine men in the country the late Don Heriberto Cocom for 8 months. She also studied at the Northwest School for Botanical Studies, The Dandelion Center, California School for Herbal Studies, The Dhyanna Center, Blue Otter School, Acutonics Institute for Integrative Medicine, Ethnic Studies and Anthropology at the University of Colorado and continues to her studies of mayan medicine in Guatemala with Don Reginaldo Chayeux. 


She has collaborated for 10 years with his Nonprofit Association to support the protection of the fully Mayan run rainforest Reserve Bio Itza and brings groups of students to study with him. Morgaine has recognized the importance of honoring healing modalities of all cultures and especially the ones of our own tradition even if they have been forgotten by a few generations. 


She grew up with in an immigrant community and found herself easily honoring the elders that still remembered their own language, their own healing modalities and traditions from that community. It was a journey of many years before she started to look deeper into reclaiming the healing practices of the ancestral traditions that she came from and hopes to share with all people of European decent to remember to honor their own ancestors, to connect to the land and the people that are currently practicing and keeping the context of European tribal healing traditions alive today. She hopes to create a safe space to bridge the gap generational knowledge and cultural similarities and healing tools to encourage self healing and community healing.


Morgaine worked for Teambuilders counseling Services in 2008 in Taos New Mexico as a Comprehensive Community Support Specialist teaching “life skills” including communication, stress and anger management, and parenting skills and offering social work opportunities for children and their parents. Later she worked at nonprofit Rocky Mountain Youth Corps with “at risk youth” doing hands on experiential learning in nature focusing on useful life skills and training once a week for teens. Afterwards, she ventured to Guatemala to volunteer at an orphanage and was responsible for 30 girls ages 10-17 as their live-in caretaker and teacher for 5 months. in 2011 Morgaine found herself homebound and endured hurricane Sandys destruction leaving 13 million people on the East coast without electricity. She coordinated one thousand volunteers a day in Staten Island, New York and spent months doing grassroots disaster recovery with Feeding Family including immediate needs donations and distribution of water, food, respiratory masks, clothing, tho food, medications, and animal rehoming, demolition, and later therapeutic urban gardening in elevated community garden beds, fundraising, and more demolition, raw sewage clean up and mold control.



Israel Lopez Jaro

  • Intuitive Coaching & Counsel, Life Coach, and Ceremonial Mentorship
  •  Art Therapy
  • Community Reconnections and Healthy Relations
  • Coyote Teachings for Repatterning Old and Unhealthy Habits
  • Self Healing Techniques and Tools
  • Reaching Sobriety and Coping Mechanisms For Addiction
  • Coping With Death, Grief and Loss
  • Shadow work: Dive into Shadow with Compassion

Miriam Foronda

  • Elder’s Counsel: Intuitive & Spiritual Guidance
  • Energetic Cleansings/ Limpias
  • Heart Healing and Healing Through Hands

NM Heritage Discount Applied



$225-375 sling scale for 1.5 hours, $300-500 for 2 hours


Miram’s sessions are intuitive. Her body and words are a vessel for divine healing and often she channels intuitively the heart medicine that supports one to create and develop their own healing. Miriam awakens the self worth, self value and realignment with ones higher self.



Morgaine Witriol

A combination of these services is provided in one session. Distance sessions and in person.

$150 deposit is quired in advance


$225-375 sling scale for 1.5 hours, $300-500 for 2 hours

By-donation for all New Mexican heritage peoples

  • Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Trauma Release: Physical and emotional trauma release with energetic work. This may include repatterining of old habits that no longer serve a person, healing intergenerational and ancestral wounds, somatic healing of childhood or past trauma and emotional traumatic events held in different parts of the body.
  • Sound Therapy: Tuning forks and Tibetan Singing Bowls are used as tools to assist in alleviating chronic pain, trauma, stress, emotional and physical ailments, and in the release of negative energies
  • Herbal Consult:  Available by phone or in person.  An evaluation and assessment of the whole person will be made and a custom formula will be recommended based on clinical knowledge. 
  • Energetic Herbal Assessment:  Let the herbs choose you.  An energetic assessment will be made to see which medicines want to work with your body, mind and spirit.  
  • Custom Clinical Herbal Formula: Tinctures, teas, oils, salves and flower essences are available for purchase without assessment or consult.
  • Spirit Recall & Alignment with higher self, grounding and energetic alignment. Removal of energies .
  • Healing Ancestral and Intergenerational Wounds for past, present and future generations
  • Soul Purpose Alignment
  • Shedding of Illness on an Energetic Level: Often times the root cause or source of an illness is at a spiritual and emotional level. This session will be to address the root cause, and have you the patient work through and transform and shift the body of the illness into health. This could be a physical pain body, emotional or spiritual pain body.
  • Lymphatic Drainage: Warm oil with Guasha and Cupping techniques applied to help with scar tissue, toothaches, stagnation in body, trapped heat, and release of deep toxins
  • Castor Oil Packs: Hot oil packs applied to the body.  Castor oil can help break up scar tissue, cysts, and tumors, relieve arthritis and pain in joints and muscles, boost immune function and the lymphatic system, and clear acne and other skin issues, and constipation