Mushroom Medicine Class

August 10 – August 31st 
Saturdays 3 pm-6 pm

Online and In-Person Taos, NM




What students will learn and gain through this program:

The History
The history of magic mushrooms starting with the stoned ape theory from Africa, leading up to European paganism,  Meso-American religious use, and the potential roots of major world religions based on art and literature.  We will cover Oaxaca Mexico, Maria Sabina, Gordon Wasson, cultivation starting with Terence and Dennis McKenna, leading up to our current knowledge and mass accessibility of home cultivation.  

Ceremonial and Ancestral uses of Psilocybin Mushrooms in Meso-America

Ancestral ceremonial traditions


Cultural respect, exploitation and appropriation



Growing Techniques & Dosage Protocols

We will start from spore, move onto culture dishes, which will then be transferred to master grain jars, which will then be transferred to spawn jars of grain. The spawn jars will then be used to inoculate our bulk substrate, which will consist of pasteurized straw, coco coir, Spawn Mate 2SE, and manure.

Making a casing layer for the substrate out of peat moss and vermiculite

PF technique for small scale cultivation involving spore syringes injected into sterilized jars of grain, and we will scale this method up to multiple jars, which is currently the most common type of home cultivation.  

Wood chip cultivation

Growing magic truffles

Monotub cultivation versus open air cultivation

Ethics and legalities of growing and using mushrooms

Microdosing clinical trials, protocols and medicinal benefits for depression, Parkinson’s, lifespan, detox, addiction and more

Macrodosing for medicinal health benefits and safety protocols

Medicinal Uses and Health Benefits:
Cluster headaches, Alzheimer’s, dementia,  Parkinson’s, anxiety, depression, life extension, mold detox, nerve regeneration and re-patterning, epigenetic trauma.
Material médica:
Psilocybe Varieties





Cheves Fleming

Cheves Fleming is a Native New Mexican of Chicano ancestry. He’s a psychedelic
mycologist and medicine enthusiast. With over 30 years of experience growing
psychedelic mycelium, Cheves can share a wealth of knowledge on the subject. He
has published a manual on the bulk cultivation of Psilocybes.
Cheves has cultivated many different species of psychedelic mushrooms. He currently
has a doctor’s recommendation to use psilocybin based on his Cluster Headache
diagnosis. Psilocybin saved his life by curing his Cluster Headaches, also known as
Suicide Headaches, a rare and debilitating condition. Cheves has a bachelor’s degree
in Cultural Anthropology from the University of New Mexico. His interests in
anthropology include the ceremonial and shamanic uses of Entheogens. He is currently
pursuing a certification in Elementary Education from Norther NM College. He has
taught middle school math, and he has a passion for education and teaching. Cheves’
other interests include psychedelic electronic music, Native American spirituality, and
parenting his two children. He is a reclusive hermit but can sometimes be seen skiing
or mountain biking. He has many years of experience with assisting his Native elders in
ceremonial doings. He has implemented many of these teachings into his perspective
on the responsible and respectful use of magic mushrooms.





                     Sliding Scale Cost: $200-360

By donation to tribally affiliated members of New Mexico

10% NM Heritage discount Available





    Program Pricing & Payment

Sliding Scale $300-500

*Our programs are offered on a sliding scale, and we ask that you pay within a spectrum of what you can afford. The lower end of the scale applies to people on the lower income tier who also: work full time, are single parents, New Mexico residents or indigenous.

We trust that you will honor our sliding scale policy and make the decision based on your personal ability to offer the proper exchange for your program.

Tribally Affiliated people of NM may pay on a donation basis and a 10% NM Heritage discount is offered.

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Morgaine Witriol

Morgaine is a lover of medicinal plants and nature. She is a medicine maker, a farmer, a wild crafter, and founder of Native Roots. Morgaine has a private practice doing bodywork, sound healing, and physical and emotional trauma release. 


She lived in Belize and had the opportunity to apprentice tropical medicine with one of the most revered medicine men in the country the late Don Heriberto Cocom for 8 months. She also studied at the Northwest School for Botanical Studies, The Dandelion Center, California School for Herbal Studies, The Dhyanna Center, Blue Otter School, Acutonics Institute for Integrative Medicine, Ethnic Studies and Anthropology at the University of Colorado and continues to her studies of mayan medicine in Guatemala with Don Reginaldo Chayeux. 


She has collaborated for 10 years with his Nonprofit Association to support the protection of the fully Mayan run rainforest Reserve Bio Itza and brings groups of students to study with him. Morgaine has recognized the importance of honoring healing modalities of all cultures and especially the ones of our own tradition even if they have been forgotten by a few generations. 


She grew up with in an immigrant community and found herself easily honoring the elders that still remembered their own language, their own healing modalities and traditions from that community. It was a journey of many years before she started to look deeper into reclaiming the healing practices of the ancestral traditions that she came from and hopes to share with all people of European decent to remember to honor their own ancestors, to connect to the land and the people that are currently practicing and keeping the context of European tribal healing traditions alive today. She hopes to create a safe space to bridge the gap generational knowledge and cultural similarities and healing tools to encourage self healing and community healing.


Morgaine worked for Teambuilders counseling Services in 2008 in Taos New Mexico as a Comprehensive Community Support Specialist teaching “life skills” including communication, stress and anger management, and parenting skills and offering social work opportunities for children and their parents. Later she worked at nonprofit Rocky Mountain Youth Corps with “at risk youth” doing hands on experiential learning in nature focusing on useful life skills and training once a week for teens. Afterwards, she ventured to Guatemala to volunteer at an orphanage and was responsible for 30 girls ages 10-17 as their live-in caretaker and teacher for 5 months. in 2011 Morgaine found herself homebound and endured hurricane Sandys destruction leaving 13 million people on the East coast without electricity. She coordinated one thousand volunteers a day in Staten Island, New York and spent months doing grassroots disaster recovery with Feeding Family including immediate needs donations and distribution of water, food, respiratory masks, clothing, tho food, medications, and animal rehoming, demolition, and later therapeutic urban gardening in elevated community garden beds, fundraising, and more demolition, raw sewage clean up and mold control.



Israel Lopez Jaro

  • Intuitive Coaching & Counsel, Life Coach, and Ceremonial Mentorship
  •  Art Therapy
  • Community Reconnections and Healthy Relations
  • Coyote Teachings for Repatterning Old and Unhealthy Habits
  • Self Healing Techniques and Tools
  • Reaching Sobriety and Coping Mechanisms For Addiction
  • Coping With Death, Grief and Loss
  • Shadow work: Dive into Shadow with Compassion

Miriam Foronda

  • Elder’s Counsel: Intuitive & Spiritual Guidance
  • Energetic Cleansings/ Limpias
  • Heart Healing and Healing Through Hands

NM Heritage Discount Applied



$225-375 sling scale for 1.5 hours, $300-500 for 2 hours


Miram’s sessions are intuitive. Her body and words are a vessel for divine healing and often she channels intuitively the heart medicine that supports one to create and develop their own healing. Miriam awakens the self worth, self value and realignment with ones higher self.



Morgaine Witriol

A combination of these services is provided in one session. Distance sessions and in person.

$150 deposit is quired in advance


$225-375 sling scale for 1.5 hours, $300-500 for 2 hours

By-donation for all New Mexican heritage peoples

  • Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Trauma Release: Physical and emotional trauma release with energetic work. This may include repatterining of old habits that no longer serve a person, healing intergenerational and ancestral wounds, somatic healing of childhood or past trauma and emotional traumatic events held in different parts of the body.
  • Sound Therapy: Tuning forks and Tibetan Singing Bowls are used as tools to assist in alleviating chronic pain, trauma, stress, emotional and physical ailments, and in the release of negative energies
  • Herbal Consult:  Available by phone or in person.  An evaluation and assessment of the whole person will be made and a custom formula will be recommended based on clinical knowledge. 
  • Energetic Herbal Assessment:  Let the herbs choose you.  An energetic assessment will be made to see which medicines want to work with your body, mind and spirit.  
  • Custom Clinical Herbal Formula: Tinctures, teas, oils, salves and flower essences are available for purchase without assessment or consult.
  • Spirit Recall & Alignment with higher self, grounding and energetic alignment. Removal of energies .
  • Healing Ancestral and Intergenerational Wounds for past, present and future generations
  • Soul Purpose Alignment
  • Shedding of Illness on an Energetic Level: Often times the root cause or source of an illness is at a spiritual and emotional level. This session will be to address the root cause, and have you the patient work through and transform and shift the body of the illness into health. This could be a physical pain body, emotional or spiritual pain body.
  • Lymphatic Drainage: Warm oil with Guasha and Cupping techniques applied to help with scar tissue, toothaches, stagnation in body, trapped heat, and release of deep toxins
  • Castor Oil Packs: Hot oil packs applied to the body.  Castor oil can help break up scar tissue, cysts, and tumors, relieve arthritis and pain in joints and muscles, boost immune function and the lymphatic system, and clear acne and other skin issues, and constipation